Buckmaster Construction Services Offered

* New home construction
* Home additions
* Kitchen remodels
* Bathroom remodels
* Basement finishing
* Whole house renovations
* Remodeling
* Decks
* Garages
* Pole barns
* Re-tining older barns
Engineered steel buildings
* Concrete flat work
* Concrete demolition
* Poured concrete walls
* Concrete block masonry

* Brick masonry
* Cultured Stone

Buckmaster Construction

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       Buckmaster Construction offers complete construction services for both residential and light commercial projects. We focus most of our efforts on serving the greater Saunders County Nebraska Area.  Staying close to serve you better.

             About Buckmaster Construction

Buckmaster Construction was started by Jeff Buckmaster in 1996.  Jeff graduated from Wahoo Public in 1988 and then attended Southeast Community College Milford where he graduated 1st in his class with a degree in Building Construction Technology.   After graduation Jeff worked in Lincoln for 3 years with a residential framing company where he refined his carpenter skills.  He then returned to  Wahoo working 4 years with M.E. Collins as a form carpenter and a crew foreman adding concrete and heavy equipment operating to his resume.  Jeff decided to return to a more customer oriented style of construction and start a residential remodeling company where he could get to know the customers and be able to create strong friendships in the community as well as strong buildings.  With more than 20 years experience you can feel confident they can get the job done. 

We now provide a wide array of construction services but focus on a somewhat limited area.  We feel this strategy is better than having a narrow scope of work skills but have to cover a larger area to find work.  Most of our business comes from customer referrals or repeat clients.  Clients that have us do all of their work, clients we have done projects for over a 20 year time span, and clients who are not just customers but have become good friends. 


            Buckmaster Construction Remodeling   
Treat your home to a makeover today.  No need to sell your home, Buckmaster Construction can make updates to your existing home that will have you falling in love with your home all over again. Transform your space, Buckmaster Construction does it all...from planning to installation. You don't need to do a thing, except call (402) 623-4288 to schedule a no cost consultation today! Let Buckmaster Construction create the perfect space for you. We will support you throughout the entire construction process, from initial design to product selection all the way through finish. Don't leave anything to chance.  Get it right the first time.  Buckmaster Construction is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched.  Our attention to detail and eye for quality ensures an enjoyable construction experience.   

           Why Chose Buckmaster Construction?

We perform nearly 80% of our projects with our own employees, which keep the subcontractors to a minimum.  What does this mean to our customers?

  1. Our crews will be on site almost the entire project which makes it easier for us to anticipate the next step and head off problems before they accrue, which in turn makes the whole job go smoother.
  2. It increases security by greatly reducing the number of different workers and subcontractors on the job site.
  3. It helps decrease scheduling delays due to subcontractors not ready to start work or to return for callbacks.
  4. You will have the opportunity to get to know our workers on a first name basis.
  5. Pride in our work!  There is no "passing the buck" letting the next contractor in fix a problem or to cover one up.  We are the next contractor.  All work, even if it is to be covered up and will never be seen, will be performed to the same high standards.
  6. We are a local company with local employees and we buy mostly from local suppliers and businesses so most of your money stays local, which also helps the local economy. 
  7. Our extensive industry wide knowledge of materials and techniques help us chose the best products and methods possible to acheive your goals as efficently as possible. 
  8. We are a one stop company.  No matter what you need done, we can get it done for you.
  9. We want your return business.  We are not looking to make a quick buck.  We want you as a long term repeat customer. 
  10. Every project deserves a masters touch!   

                What we can do for you!                                        

At Buckmaster Construction we are proud to offer a wide array of construction services, including: 

  •  New home construction 
  •  Home additions
  •  Kitchen and bathroom remodels
  •  Basement finishing
  •  Whole house renovations and remodeling
  •  Decks (Cedar, composite, treated)
  •  Garages
  •  Pole frame barns and sheds 
  •  Engineered steel buildings
  •  Concrete flat work (driveways and sidewalks) 
  •  Poured concrete walls
  •  Concrete block masonry
  •  Brick masonry / cultured stone veneers
  •  Concrete demolition
  •  Hardwood and laminated floors
  •  Tile and stone floors
  •  Siding (Vinyl, steel, wood, cement board)
  •  Drywall
  •  Finish carpentry
  •  Window and doors replacement
  •  Singles and steel roofing

              Other Construction Services

Buckmaster Construction can also help you with other additional services, including:

  • Conceptual and Design Development
  • Project Consulting
  • Budget Planning
  • Project Management
  • Space Coordination and Layout 

Buckmaster Construction is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched. Our attention to detail and eye for design ensures an enjoyable building or remodeling experience.

  Buckmaster Construction
(402) 623-4288
Ithaca, Ne 68033

Job counter as of   1/1/17
 Wahoo  270    Capital Beach (Lincoln)  2
 Ithaca  136    Cedar Bluffs  2
 Mead  131    Morse Bluffs  4
 Weston  26    Gretna  10
 Malmo  24    Sweedsburg  2
 Omaha  14    Memphis  3
 Fremont  9    Scribner  1
 Woodcliff Lake (Fremont)  9    Bruno  1
 Prague  7    Alvo  1
 Old Market (Omaha)  6    Herman  1
 Ceresco  10    Waverly  1
 Ashland  10    Lake Okoboji (iowa)  1
 Colon  5    Springfield  1
 Davey  4     Bennet  1
 Waterloo  6    Dwight  1
 Nickerson  3    Blair  1
 Lincoln  3    Brandenburg Lake (Bellwood)  1
 North Bend  3    York  1
 Linwood  3    Lashera  1
 David City  2      0
 Bellevue  2      0

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